First Bookcast

Here is my first attempt at a bookcast!  This one represents my initial ideas after reading the book Revolver, by Marcus Sedgwick.  I took a text-to-world approach to this bookcast, mostly because I think it investigates very universal principles.  This was a great experience to facilitate the first steps of digesting what I’ve read that I think would be engaging for young learners.



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3 responses to “First Bookcast

  1. Blakely

    I LOVE Connor Oberst – and this song is one of my favorites!!! Your book cast definitely made me want to read Revolver. I also liked that you introduced me to One True Media. It seems like a fun, web-based alternative to iMovie. Did you have to pay for a subscription, or was it free?

  2. I do see the universal connection, Hannah. Really lovely images and thoughtful text.

    Wow! I love Connor Oberst now, too! Great song. So he’s with Bright Eyes?

    The ad for Bright Eyes’s song “Land Locked Blues” means that you’ve used this copyrighted music without permission and the performer is trying to make the most of it by at least getting an ad out of it.

    I hate to say this but for your portfolio and a bookcast that you’ll hopefully one day share with students — you need to switch the music to royalty-free. I’ve listed several royalty-free sources on this resource page — You’d have understood if you’d been able to attend the Orientation on Thursday so I’m sorry we had to switch from Tuesday to Thursday.

    Just let me know if you have questions.

  3. Blakely

    I noticed that One True Media has a library of songs that you can use as part of the service, so that’s an easy way to solve the copyright problem. I actually played around with the tool a little this morning – thanks for inspiring me! (

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